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How to Pick a Dress You Can Wear Thru Wedding Season

On a budget? Here's how to pick a dress

1)     Before shopping.

Surely you wouldn’t dress exactly the same for your sister's wedding as you would to attend the wedding of a distant relative or someone you barely know. Typically, for the first wedding she attends that season, a woman will pick a stunning dress that gives a memorable impression. In this case, re-use of the outfit will be complicated. When you go to shop, a good tip is to choose a dress that is much simpler that you can see yourself using on other occasions. Knowing how to pick a dress is very important.

2)     Other events.

If in one year you have several similar events to attend, like a wedding, a baptism or a first communion, and most of the attendees will not be the same, do not be afraid to repeat a dress. Remember that: 1) the majority of people have not seen you in this dress, 2) you'll save time and money, and 3) you'll get more out of your wardrobe this way.

3)     Colors.

If the wedding you’re going to go is in the summer, try to buy a brightly colored dress. They are perfect for this time of year. Yellows, greens, light blues, oranges or reds suit most women very well and also give off a joyous vibe.

4)     The importance of accessories.

The same dress can have a completely different feel depending on the accessories you couple with it. At a wedding, as a rule, go with a dress accompanied by sparkling jewels, a brooch and some heels. However, if you combine that same dress with a vibrant scarf and a pair of ballet flats or sandals, this combo will be a great day look that gets your dress out of the closet. To achieve this, it is best to choose shorter dresses or those that hit just below the knee, as longer dresses are more difficult to transform into a more casual look. Read on for more tips on how to pick a dress.

5)     Some alterations.

If you've purchased a beautiful floor-length dress to attend a wedding and you're sick of seeing it in your closet because you can’t find another use for it, you can enlist the help of a tailor to change it up. By shortening the dress a bit, you will gain a lot of other uses for it since long dresses are much more difficult to wear in everyday situations in comparison with shorter dresses. This is also an economical decision. With the appropriate adornments, you can wear it on many more occasions.

6)     Resale.

If you've spent a good sum of money on a wonderful dress but you know you'll never wear it again, a good option is to resell it. Today there are many online portals that allow you to buy and sell safely with people from around the world, which increases the possibilities of resale. In addition, the sale of second-hand clothing is very popular today. You can’t lose anything by trying! Thank you for ready our blog about How to pick a dress.


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One thought on “How to Pick a Dress You Can Wear Thru Wedding Season”

  • sarah

    You're right, it really is best to choose a dress or two that can be used through the wedding season and changed slightly with accessories to give it a fresh look. I wouldn't have thought to go with the brighter colors, you guys are geniuses!

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